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Affordable birthday party entertainment. Comedy magic act for adult and or children's events.
Easy to get us on your team. Hire a community drum circle Facilitator.


Affordable Kids Magic shows (5-10/ 11-18 years old) Be the star of their own show ...Wow! 30-45 minutes of Birthday Party entertainment, fun, magic tricks and excitement at your location. (We make it easy to tailor a special show just for you). Just ask, it's easy! 


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Speacial, request the chair leavitation

For a little extra excitement and some extreme fun add on this magic trick to your show.

Make a special request and ask for the one and only "CHAIR LEVITATION" act.

You, your child and your guess will love this illusion. Great memories and photos for your family photo book.

This can be an addition to your event or you can make this act to be the major part of your event. Just ask and I'll make it easy.

Send direct e-mail or call us today to book your child's birthday party.

Extreme Corporate Comedy show w/ magic

Extreme Rahim is a comedian for your adult Birthday party or your event  ...Or you may require a dynamic comedian to perform for you and your guess at your anniversary party and we'll add some fantastic magic that you and your guest will love.

 It's your event and you should have it your way. It's real easy, just one person to deal with and tailoring these shows is my specialty and making you happy is my primary goal. 

We have comedy magic act for adults and children. t

Tailored to fit the clients needs: This rhythmic and energizing event can be a one hour, two hour or a full four hour (experiential) program. To be facilitated at a location of your choice (school, church, park...). Our Village Drum Circle is a facilitated drum circle and we us African drums and other percussion  instruments to create group rhythms and we incorporate body movement games, vocal call-and-response games, visual response games and an experience that challenges all participants to examine themselves and also their relation to others and begin to see events in a profoundly new and positive light. One of our goals is to provide a powerful, thought provoking, non-threatening approach to community/team building. We call it "Our Village" We all can make beautiful music together in a circle of friends, sound, sight, touch and yes RHYTHM that is therapeutic in so many different ways. Call us and we will set you up with the best Drum circle facilitator.
                                                      Corporate event, healing circles/ Team Building / Motivation Building /
                                                      Community Building / Restorative Circle.
                                                      Please make a call today to schedule your groups drum circle. Contact: 619-742-3119

C0orporate Comedy Host/ Master of Ceremonies

Hire a Comedian Host for most events. 

It's your event and you know your repetition is on the line. You have an idea and you want a really funny Emcee. But you fear the risk of offending someone in your audience. Extreme Rahim is the King of clean-comedy and he will razzle and dazzle your audience with his very funny, fast and powerful comical wit, Extreme Rahim will masterfully facilitate your event for you and your guess.

Take it easy as your event unfolds successfully and your guest thank you for a great time. We aim to

Call today and book your event Emcee today: 619-742-3119

Corporate Human Puppet & Comedt show 
This is a definite crowd-pleaser. People are still talking about the last show.
The Human Puppet act is a ventriloquist act at its best. The ventriloquist will skillfully select an unsuspecting but willing  volunteer from your audience (or you can select someone in advance roast?). 
Make a special request for this guaranteed crowd pleasure. This act will add humor and excitement and a great addition to any event.